Monday, May 30

Memorial Day

The Bush administration is still rewarding failure. According to the Pentagon, the two guys responsible for one of the most egregious intelligence blunders (The aluminum tubes are for a nuclear weapons program, I swear!) recieved awards based "on their overall annual performance -- not on a single contribution -- and supervisors were encouraged to reward individuals on the basis of their annual contributions." Texas is second only to New York when it comes to campiagn contributions for Hillary Clinton. The response from the TX Republican camp?

Texas Republican Party Chairman Tina Benkiser said it is no surprise that Texas is a rich source of campaign cash for candidates from both parties. "Democrats may raise money in Texas, but they don't win in Texas," she said.

Snap! It's Memorial Day and not quite 8am. I'm thinking I'll spend the day in my new ride:


23rdHour said...

you totally need a Sean Hannitymobile

ShouSirs! said...

Gross, so gross.