Tuesday, April 12

Strike up the band!

For millions of Iraqis and Americans, it is a day they will never forget. The toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in Baghdad will be recorded, alongside the fall of the Berlin Wall, as one of the great moments in the history of liberty.---George W. Bush April 12, 2005

Umm...if my memory serves me right, the toppling of the statue was NOT a spontaneous reaction by those wacky, liberated Iraqis. One of our Marines decided the statue should come down, then an Army psychological operations (PSYOPS) turned the whole thing into a red, white and blue propaganda moment.

When Saddam Fell: How the Press was Misled From Day One

Equating this bullshit with the fall of the Berlin Wall is blatantly dishonest, especially since the U.S. military has confirmed that it was staged. Plus, the Berlin Wall didn't fall because a couple of Hummers hooked on to either side of it tore it down...RONALD REAGAN did it with his bare hands, remember?

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