Friday, April 22

Fuck you, Bill Frist

The whole "nuclear option" debate is ridiculous. The two douchebags that Bush wants to move through to the federal appellate court were blocked once for before for reasons NOT associated with partisan politics OR minority discrimination. Well, I just assumed that since they were both women (and one of them is black!!) they'd just sail through. Justice Sunday takes place this weekend. According to the Family Research Council:

FRC has launched a new effort to ensure that the U.S. Senate fulfills its constitutional responsibilities and holds up-or-down votes on President Bush's judicial nominees."We join with millions of our fellow Americans in asking our senators to call the roll. The liberal Senate minority's cat-and-mouse game with judicial nominees must stop."

430 American religious leaders are opposed to this manipulation of faith. I'm opposed to the general douchebaggery that is emanating from the Republican party these days.

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