Monday, April 18

Familiarity blurs nuance, eh?

I've not updated all weekend. So much to say...and I never said it. Trent Lott had a mini-conference outside of the ABC studios after making the Sunday-talker rounds on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. I couldn't stomach the entire broadcast, but I did stick around long enough to hear him bitch and whine about Democrats trying to block judicial nominations of "highly qualified women and minorities." There is NO BASIS for the fillibuster, he said. He only mentioned two people: Janice Brown and Priscilla Owens. PRISCILLA OWENS: Alberto Gonzales, the Torture Czar, if you will, called one of her dissents on the Texas Supreme Court "an unconscionable act of judicial activism." She's been criticized as being on the "far right" of the Texas court, even further to the right than Bush's own appointees to that court when he was gov'ner. She supported the elimination of buffer zones around reproductive health care clinics in Houston. The list goes on and on... JANICE BROWN: According to a study by People For the American Way, Janice Brown is "to the Right of Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia." Yikes. The fine folks over at Black Commentator stated back in 2003, that "her nomination is an insult, not a bow, to African American sentiments." There ya go. Oh, and there's much, much more on this lady as well... Meanwhile, on Face the Nation (CBS), Chuck Rangel (D-New York) ripped David Drier (R-California) a new one while they were discussing everyone's favorite slimeball, Tom DeLay.

The way you treat Democrats with this drunkenness of power...the only satisfaction we get is that you treat moderate Republicans the same way. Tom DeLay is called "The Hammer." He loves it. He says that his supporters should have arms and that he taks no prisoners. This attacks the integrity, not just of the Congress, but (sic) how we look with foreign countries.

More later.

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