Wednesday, April 6

Documenting the horseshit

The afternoon news is on!! It's 6 in the PM here in Seattle and for some reason, Alan Colmes is in a tuxedo on FOX and over on MSNBC Tucker Carlson is talking to this one guy that knew a chick who met the Pope this one time.
Ooohhhh, Hannity's teasing us with promises of NEW Jane Fonda protest tapes. He'll be talking to Ollie North after the break.
...and we're back. J.C. Watts (R-OK) is trying to defend Tom DeLay, and on the split screen, we can see a shot of the Radio and Television Correspondents Association's annual dinner. I guess that explains Colmes' black and white getup. Apparently we're waiting on Dick Cheney's speech, because it's really important.
This is too painful. I should read a book or something.
Oh, I'd like to extend a big Fuck You to whomever decided Condi Rice should go to the Pope's funeral while Jimmy Carter was snubbed.

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