Tuesday, April 26

Beat your meat on the street, Mr. President

From Big Gay Matt's site:

XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX TUE APRIL 26, 2005 14:20:17 BUSH ASKS ABOUT 'SPLASH DAY' President Bush raised eyebrows on Tuesday when he asked locals in Galveston, Texas: "Do you still have Splash Day?" "Splash Day" is the annual "adult oriented enormous beach party" celebration on the Gulf Coast. BUSH: Do you still have Splash Day? (LAUGHTER) BUSH: You have to be a baby boomer to know what I'm talking about. (LAUGHTER) BUSH: I'm not saying whether I came or not on Splash Day. I'm just saying, Do you have Splash Day? (LAUGHTER) Bush was unaware "Splash Day" is now a fully gay and lesbian event on the beaches. Developing...

I had to capture his exclusive before it disappears and goes absolutely nowhere, like most of his special reports. I do like the way he made sure we knew it was fully gay as opposed to just kinda-gay, which is the way Miss Drudge prefers to live his life. From the Times UK:

David Brock, a former right-wing journalist, claimed in his book Blinded by the Right that Drudge was gay, yet supported a party that these critics see as “homophobic”. “So are you a gay right-wing Republican?” I ask. “No, I’m not gay. I was nearly married a few years ago. And no, I’m not a right-wing Republican,” he replies without batting an eye. “I’m a conservative and want to pay less taxes. And I did vote Republican at the last election. But I’m more of a populist.”

Time-wasting, gay reads about The Man in Miami:
I-go-to-gay-bars-but-I'm-not-gay-core Disco naps in the fabulously decorated Log Cabin Nasty Fags and Drudge's Sludge "...club music is the classical music of our age." He really is an asshat of the worst variety. Self-loathing homos like this eventually combust, right? I'll leave you with a few words of wisdom from Le Drudge:

"I think more people died of AIDS during Clinton than during either Reagan or Bush," he continues. "I don't think there's anything a president can do [about AIDS], especially a president who is encouraging oral sex.... If we all just have our pants down, if we follow our urges in everything we do, society is going to go down.

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