Thursday, March 24


I wish it wasn't 7 in the am. Just for kicks, here are a few remarks Tom DeLay made the other day to the Family Research Council. Warning: This is douchebaggery at its finest:
``One thing that God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo to elevate the visibility of what is going on in America, that Americans would be so barbaric as to pull a feeding tube out of a person that is lucid and starve them to death,'' he said in remarks Friday to a conservative group and made public Wednesday. ``This is exactly the issue that is going on in America, of attacks against the conservative movement, against me and against many others,'' added DeLay, lately at the center of a controversy concerning his overseas travel.
I do wish he wasn't such a stain on Texas and politics in general. If you want a bit of light reading, here's Ann Coulter's take on the whole situation. She's such a loon. Randi Rhodes said it best when she suggested removing Ann's feeding tube, so long as one did it in Texas where it's legal to execute the retarded. Time for work!

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