Tuesday, March 22

She's baaaaaack.

Of course, The Goddess has BEEN back since St Patty's day, but I had a rough weekend and I wasn't able to post much of anything. I'm still on the emotional side, as one tends to be after a death in the family, so I'll just leave you with Randi's latest blog-post:
Hello Campers,It is great to finally be OUT of the hospital. You will never hear anyone say, "It’s great to be going INTO the hospital." One of the worst things about the hospital besides the cutting, the bleeding, the pain, the stitching, the recovery and more recovery, is the complete sense of helplessness you have. You basically give up all control.

I do not want someone walking me to the bathroom, or telling me to lay right there and do nothing until further instructions. You really feel helpless when doctors bring in interns or other doctors to show off their work. All you can do is lie there. When they stand around your bed you feel like you’re in an episode of “Extreme Makeover the Body Edition.”

The doctor explains everything. “Randi has had this body for years, and as you can see it obviously went onto a state of decline from misuse. You don’t even want to know what the inside looks like. But we’ve worked around the clock and she’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to reverse all those years of damage. “First I had to cut her from here to there. Then we did some renovation in this area. This whole section had to be completely redone. It was a big job with all the plumbing and remodeling. I didn't know if we could pull it off, but we worked together, got it done and just made our deadline” --- if you’ll pardon the expression.”

It’s nice to be OUT and back, in control. I’m Randi Rhodes and I approve this message. Ow! Still sore! Still sore!
More later...

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S H A U N A said...

denise my love... email me so i can know what it is that ails you... been thinkin about you... had to exit myspace... too much time... too much drama... blah blah...shauna.steele@blockbuster.com
dig it.