Tuesday, February 8

Work it, girl.

Americablog has a great piece up on Ken Mehlman's issues with The Gays. Apparently, he's using the RNC site as a forum for bashing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. See, Mr. Reid has been supported by the Human Rights Campaign in the past, and he voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment. What a fag-loving homo! If gay bashing is Mr. Melman's favorite sport, then he should be fair game, don't you think? Why are Senator Reid's gay-straight alliances being featured here, when Mr. Mehlman has yet to admit on the record that he just might like the pole and the hole?

Gay Bush campiagn chair to join openly gay chief financial officer at the helm of GOP When asked if he was gay last week, Mehlman hung up the phone. Deputy communications director Steve Schmidt, reached by telephone, asserted that Mehlman was not gay but refused to say so on the record.

Oh, and this party seemed kinda gay...
Checking Out the New Bush Crowd While the President was conferring with his National Security Advisors at Camp David, housemates John McCutcheon, White House liaison to the Department of Energy, Brian Montgomery, director of presidential advance, and Steve Meyers, senior policy advisor to the Dept. of Commerce, rallied the Administration troops for a morale building evening of laughter and rejuvenation at their Lake Barcroft, Virginia home. Some of the guests taking a night off from their wartime efforts to kick up their cowboy boots and party together included White House political director Ken Mehlman, and Joe Heagin, assistant to the President and deputy chief of staff for operations.

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