Thursday, December 16

"...the testy Messiah driven to apoplexy by his obtuse apostles..."

"Bill O'Reilly intends to take part in a USO tour of Iraq and Afghanistan as soon as he's able to have Judith Regan's cell phone removed from his ass. Its ringing late at night from deep in his echoing cavern has been cost him precious hours of sleep and making him a shade grumpy over his morning oatmeal, fed to him through a slit in the door."

That's chortle-on-the-job-worthy. James Wolcott is my blog-o'-the-week.


Anonymous said...

Good thing none of this is on the job! ;)

denise said...

puh-leaze. ME....slackin' on the job. it means too much to me, kind of like ovaltine.


Anonymous said...

Rich chocolatey Ovaltine. That's a decent name.

Anonymous said...

Yer slackin'!