Thursday, November 11

"i gave hip hop to white boys when nobody was lookin..."

I've got a long post coming up this afternoon, but I couldn't resist a few article links... My love/hate with Ms. Dowd is in the red zone today, after a Page Six piece in which Zell Miller allegedly reffered to her as a "high brow hussy from New York." Her response? "I'm not a highbrow hussy from New York. I'm a highbrow hussy from Washington. Senator, pistols or swords?" In bigger, more important news, GWB has replaced Asscroft with Alberto Gonzalez. One cannot criticize the legitimacy of Gonzalez' appointment because he is, after all, the first Hispanic to hold the position. I mean really... Torture memos?!?! There's something icky about the way Georgie likes to parade his Mexicans around. I wonder if he calls him "the little brown one," like his dad used to call George P. Bush. This is from the Unfiltered Radio blog:

Yesterday Bush nominated Alberto Gonzales to fill John Ashcroft’s shoes as Attorney General. Gonzales is commonly known as The Torture Guy, the lawyer who called the Geneva Conventions “quaint”, cooked up excuses for the US to get away with torturing prisoners, and designed the unconstitutional military tribunal system for Gitmo. What you might not know, is that Gonzales has a host of other notable accomplishments, which include these facts... Gonzalez has never tried a case ever – either civil or criminal – but that didn’t stop Bush from appointing him to the Texas Supreme Court after he spent 13 years at Enron’s law firm in Texas. Gonzalez has never published anything in a legal journal ever. Gonzalez is the guy who kept Cheney’s Energy Task Force secret. Gonzalez has headed up the judicial selection committee for Bush, which means he’s responsible for the neanderthals that Bush has appointed to federal judgeships. Alberto Gonzalez – The Torture Guy. A man with no business being confirmed as Attorney General, but a man who nevertheless will, just because he’s not as terrifying as Dancing John Ashcroft.

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