Monday, November 29

Breakin' 2 : Electric Boogaloo

I've never been in the position to desire the public outing of a homo, but this is too juicy to pass up. Ken Mehlman, the chairman of Bush's re-elction campaign, was bumped up to be the leader of the RNC this term. There have been rumors that Mr. Mehlman, AND his deputy, Dan Gurly (girly?!) are Flamin' Nancies. Turns out, the allegations surrounding Gurly's lifestyle have since proven to be accurate. Gurly has already come out and admitted to once having a profile up on He tried to say it was a forged profile, but the site only allows screen-names to be used once, even if the person deleted the profile, which is exactly what Bush's National Field Director did. Delete, delete, delete. Lucky for us, the folks over at AmericaBlog have been on top of the story from the very start of the hype. Here's a screenshot of the dead profile:
And just as a bonus, here are some excerpts from the ADULTS ONLY section:

Endowment/Dimensions:Above average, 8+cut

I prefer to be:Switch/Versatile, I'll be whatever you want me to be!

I like to have sex...:3-5 times a week, I'm usually ready...and available

Body Hair:Arms, Chest, Pits, Tummy, Legs, I shave occasionally, all over

In my own words: Just looking for good sex, whether with one or several. Always versatile and love to fool around. Race is not a factor, just be purportional [sic] and bring some personality with you.

Things I'm into: Anal sex, Body contact, Groups, Kissing, One-on-one, Oral sex, Porn

On to the precious head of the party... Mr. Mehlman has repeatedly refused to answer any questions regarding his sexuality. Naturally, the blogs are a'buzzing with he-said/she-said bytes, and naturally, the Freepers are angry. All of a sudden, they're totally supportive of Mehlman and Co. despite the whole homo-thing... "As long as he doesn't try to get married, it is fine with me. I believe homosexuality to be a sin, but the GOP chair is not a position that the person's personal morality is an issue. " So the morality of GOPers doesn't come into account so long as they're high up on Bush's list of lackeys. Got it. Just keep it to yourself, man. The red states don't take too kindly to fruits.

As my friend Brian likes to say: DON'T ACT GAY, FAGGOT.

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