Saturday, October 30

in west philadelphia, born and raised

Eight U.S. Marines Killed, Nine Wounded in Iraq Eight U.S. marines were killed and nine wounded west of Baghdad on Saturday in the bloodiest attack on U.S. forces in Iraq for months. The U.S. military gave no details of the circumstances of the deaths, which it said occurred in the western province of Anbar, which includes the rebel cities of Falluja and Ramadi. Witnesses said earlier they had seen three U.S. vehicles burning on a road east of Falluja, in Anbar province. It was not clear if that is where the marine casualties occurred. "...juvenile Al Franken level of discourse..." Politics is no longer a noble cause, as it was for John Kennedy, whom I campaigned for in Syracuse when I was 13. [Air America] lacks the propulsive energy of someone like Sean Hannity. Was I the only person in America to suspect that Saddam Hussein was bluffing about his WMD? Terrorist Tape, Political Angst blah blah blah Adam Nagourney blah blah blah ...and i'm off!

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