Monday, August 2

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  • They said Al Qaida had often struck years after its operatives began surveillance of an intended target.
  • A sizable part of the information seized in Pakistan described reconnaissance carried out before the Sept. 11 attacks, officials said.
  • "Al Qaida routinely comes up with ways to hit targets for years at a time, so it may not mean much that these buildings were first targeted more than three years ago,'' the official said.

I'm thinking this is big, but I'm sure it'll get spun and spun and the same The-world-is-a-better-place-now-that-Saddam-is-Gone-esque kinda way. John Stewart mentioned the convenient distraction this current terror threat posed, and the Foxboys have been creaming their jeans over our fabulous homeland security. How, oh how will they do it this time?

I'm back, I think. I'll be updating more and more as The Day edges closer. I've been reading, and contemplating a move. Blah Blah Blah

The Al Franken Show is coming to a cable box near you!!!

People are still going nuts over that wackjob of a Ketchup Queen. How dare she? She has NO class, you know...fuckin' foreigners. You'd think she fucking killed someone... Oh wait, that was Laura Bush. I forget...

I feel so dirty.

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BazookaJo said...

Convenient distraction, indeed. (

Have you seen how Dennis Miller has blatanly ripped off Bill Mahr's Real-Time format for his new CNBC show? Like Fox News isn't enough commentary from the Right already.