Tuesday, June 15

i try, i really do.

My network connection was bunk at my workstation today, so I was forced to listen to old Air America shows and SEAN HANNITY. I know his heart's in the right place, that Sean, but his mini-summary of the AP article about Teresa Heinz Kerry was absurd. It was a he-said/she-said kind of re-cap that basically left his millions of listeners thinking Mrs. HK was a wacky old woman. This is the exerpt in question...verbatim:
In the interview, John Kerry is asked about criticism of his wife, who has a reputation for being blunt and outspoken. "When it's silly stuff, and a lot of it is incredibly unfactual, I get angry about it," he said. Asked for three words to describe his 65-year-old wife, who is five years his senior, Kerry said: "Saucy, sexy, brilliant." She responded: "I'm cheeky, I'm sexy, whatever. You know, I've got a lot of life inside..."
Interpret that as you will, Mr. Hannity; I think she's just a tough-as-nails lady that probably wont take any of your shit. Matt Drudge posted a picture of Teresa next to a picture of Dustin Hoffman playing Tootsie. No fuckin' class.
    In other news...
CUNT CUNT CUNT (click me! click me!) President Bush has refused to proclaim June: "Gay Pride Month," a precedent set by the previous administration. Way to move forward, jackass. President Reagan once said that ketchup was a vegetable. He should be grinning in his grave today, as the USDA has proclaimed fat-drenched french(freedom?)fries as a vegetable as well. I have work to do. Follow the links. Listen to Air America. P.S. Here are some recent poll numbers that show John Kerry ahead of George Bush: Poll Date John Kerry George Bush Fox News June 9 45 43 LA Times June 9 51 44 Gallup June 8 50 44 Zogby June 7 44 42 ARG June 3 48 46

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