Monday, April 26

This deserves its own entry.

I wish I had been there.
The abortion-rights march in D.C. this weekend was 12 years in the making. I don't even have words to explain how I felt when I saw the hundreds of thousands of men, women & children from over 60 countries around the world marching for a woman's right to choose. The picture says it all. John Kerry did the right thing by showing up at the rally. Some dittohead called in to Rush's show today, making sweeping generalizations about Catholics, claiming that American Catholics shouldn't give the procedure a second thought. Might this cost Kerry the swing vote from confused Catholics? I hope not. Rush whined about the rally, likening it to the ladies that protested and rallied against sexual harassment in the workplace, claiming that "they were protesting something they actually wished would happen to them." I'll admit, I listen to Rush at work, it keeps my mind off of the banalities of my day-to-day, and the fire in my belly somehow makes the days go by a bit faster, but I can't figure out how people can subscribe to his right-wing conservative bullshit day in and day out. Here's a photo of Bush and Friends signing a bill banning partial birth abortions, a procedure that most know is a crock of shit.
Thanks for speaking up for all the ladies, gentlemen. I feel sick.

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