Sunday, April 18

just another day

Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians shook their fists in anger and mourned for Abdel-Aziz al-Rantissi, the latest Hamas leader to be assisinated by an Israeli missile-attack. Many Arabs think Bush has blood on his hands, and on the streets of Gaza, there were countless calls for Hamas to start killing Americans too. What is often forgotten in the Isreal / Palestine conflict is that there are extremists on both sides and that since the very beginning people on both sides have seen terrorism as a legitimate means to an end. However, if one party puts itself above the law, then its moral ground is no higher than the other's.
    "It is no doubt a crime," Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie told reporters. "Unfortunately the Israelis feel they are supported by the United States administration.
The U.S. reaction to Sheikh Ahmed Yassin's assasination was to veto the anti-Israel security council resolution. This just goes to show that human rights matter only if you're a U.S. citizen, and that this war really is a war against Islam. briefs Why don't we see newsbits like this in our newspapers? Also, 11 more US troops were killed in the past couple of days.

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