Monday, April 12

discharge information sytems

Tomorrow is the President's first solo conference of the year, in which he will brief his fellow Americans on the US-led efforts in Iraq. I wonder if he'll mention the 600+ people killed in Fallujah this month. I wonder if he'll mention the $2500 blood money payments. I love that the military keeps saying that a majority of those killed by our coalition forces were "military-aged men," but most of the reports I've read have mentioned most of those deaths as women, children and the elderly. blah blah blah. I can't wait. CRAWFORD, Texas (AP) -- On the defensive, President Bush said Monday there was no warning in a pre-Sept. 11 intelligence memo that "something is about to happen in America" before the nation's worst terrorism attack. He said U.S. intelligence services may be due for reforms. "There was nothing in there that said, you know, `There is an imminent attack,'" Bush told reporters. "That wasn't what the report said. The report was kind of a history of Osama's (bin Laden's) intentions."

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